Apple Watch! Buyers beware – don’t buy 2!

Thursday, June 18th, 2015

I admit it. I have a 30 plus year love affair with everything Apple. There were times when I wasn’t sure of where they were going, but I always gave them the benefit of the doubt. I’m a fan. Sure, I was certain when the iPad was introduced that they had finally crossed the line; but I ordered one of those items, sure that it would end up being displayed amongst my other electronic relics of irrelevance. I also admit that I am child like when it comes to the release of new products. I order immediately – at the very first opportunity – generally checking the website in the middle of the night to see if the website is accepting orders. It has become part of my DNA. I waited for a long time for the introduction of Apple’s Watch. When I ordered, I decided that I would order 2 watches – one for casual, sport wear; one for nicer wear.

I received the casual, sport watch a couple weeks ago. I am finding some relevant, practical uses for the watch. It isn’t an essential ‘must have’; it’s a value adding ‘gadget’.   I like receiving notifications, text messages, and emails passively. Whether it’s a quick glance in a meeting, at a movie, at a stoplight – whenever; it is slowly allowing me to break the habit of constantly looking at my phone. I’ve had the phone ring while charging in another part of the house and able to answer the phone on my watch and have the conversation without chasing down the phone. All these features are gradually turning me into a fan.

THEN, the second watch arrived. It’s a much snazzier version, but functionally the same as the casual model I’ve been wearing. I went to pair the 2nd watch with the phone and was unable to figure out how to do it. I went to the Apple website and searched for pairing the 2nd watch and was shocked to see that you are only able to have one watch paired with the iphone at a time. No problem, I’ll unpair and pair the new one. I figured I would do this whenever I wanted to wear the different watch. Well that isn’t even realistic, in fact it just sucks! The unpairing process takes several minutes. The pairing process takes approximately 10 minutes.   It’s just ridiculous. I am in a state of ‘apple shock’. Dismay, disbelief!   Imagine that your phone could only be paired with one Bluetooth device. Imagine only being able to connect to one Wifi hotspot. Really?   Apple, do you want to discourage loyal, early adopters, technology influencers from buying multiple watches? Really? Come on Apple – this is a serious flaw. What would Steve say? #WWSS.  First of all, I find it highly unlikely that it would have ever happened! Secondly, if it did happen, he would likely have brought the entire engineering team that developed the app into a room and told them that they weren’t able to leave the building until it was fixed!

That’s what I expect too!